Das Boot

This is not a real Judge shirt but it is a prime example of the kind of boots I can kind of support. As much as people rag and hate on Lost and Found they were a necessity int he 90s pre internet days. I would have never heard some many bands like Urban Waste… Continue reading ».


So Do It Right.

Say what you want about Lost and Found and their basically “authorized” bootlegging in the 90s, but you have to admit, when it came to their bootleg designs, they did in fact go the extra mile and make their own. Case in point, this Side By Side boot being sold by sos.wax: It may not… Continue reading ».

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Some Dudes Love Purple.

A wise man said that to me when I showed him this Lost and Found Judge boot with a high BIN from gecco0603… Purple fans… go for it. If I could find y’all a purple Burn shirt the likes of which DFJ and I owned in 1997, I’d throw it up for ya as well,… Continue reading ».


No Apologies.

Interesting looking Judge hoodie ending tomorrow morning from cumacumi… Judging from the huge NO APOLOGIES down the side and on the back, I’d wager that this is a Lost and Found special (No Apologies was what they titled their boot of the Chung King sessions). Don’t think I care for the huge NY Crew hammers… Continue reading ».

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