not 80s Suicidal

One last shirt from Anthony Pappalardo put it on a flyer for an IME show which I then put on my wall and had up all through college. So now that image is ingrained into my subconcious with IME.
Vintage not 80s Suicidal tee
Vintage not 80s Suicidal tee

Vintage not 80s Suicidal tee

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  1. Suicide-King-Sickboy says:

    I feel like a moron on this one! I can’t edit the listing since it has a bid too…this was a 1997 concert shirt, the OG shirt was in another box….I had the ad clippings with the wrong shirt! The OG one has the same back but “Suicidal” on the front pocket area was from 1988 with a “ScreenStars” tag!

  2. Jayb says:

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Suicide-King-Sickboy says:

    PS I also let the seller know and I was able to append the listing…but it is at the bottom so I don’t know if anyone would look for it there! Anyway I feel better that I let the seller know…this is what I get for listing late at night! But I was stoked to find my 1980’s Thrashers again in the same box!!!! A couple of DRI and UC gems in there too, but they will not make it to the bay quite yet!

  4. Suicide-King-Sickboy says:

    Damn it…I meant the “Buyer” in the last post…I am the seller!

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