Now I’m Nothing.

I dunno how many of you actually give a hoot about a Nine Inch Nails tee from 1991, let alone a NIN tee at all, but yknow… Pretty Hate Machine and Broken were pretty angry and heavy when I was 13 or 14 (may even still be, I haven’t heard those albums in years), plus urbngirl09 has a good history written up about how this one came into being, so this seems worthwhile…

my brother’s name is jerry long. he was the original merch guy for nine inch nails. worked with trent for the first 5 years. anyways. these shirts with the los angeles logo’s on the back were made for a gig at universal ampitheater, when nine inch nails and dinasaur jr. were the opening bands for a 4 night stand with janes addiction as the headliner. in april of 1991. these gigs sold out so fast, that it concieved the idea of lollapalooza. 3 months later the first lollapalooza started with janes and nin. my brother said he only made 2 gross which is 288 shirts. he said they sold out instantly at the stands and he never made them again. with any city on the back. so.. the only place you could have gotten this shirt was at those gigs at universal.

Vintage Now I’m Nothing. tee

Vintage Now I’m Nothing. tee

Vintage Now I’m Nothing. tee

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  1. jim c says:

    they def still hold up.

  2. Mike M says:

    I have every variation of this shirt. They screened different backs for different tours. I love the early stuff.

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