Now I’m Nothing.

I dunno how many of you actually give a hoot about a Nine Inch Nails tee from 1991, let alone a NIN tee at all, but yknow… Pretty Hate Machine and Broken were pretty angry and heavy when I was 13 or 14 (may even still be, I haven’t heard those albums in years), plus… Continue reading ».


Nine Inch Nails Lot

I know at least one of you out there has to be a closet superfastbuyer? That’s your reward for sticking it out with Trent for so long. Awesome.


Nine Inch Nails tour shirt

Does it strike anyone else odd that Nine Inch Nails would make a shirt that looks like this at arguably the height of their popularity? I mean this could have been made on Trent Reznor’s kitchen table shortly before they performed on the Grammys. Maybe it’s the white shirt that throws me off, as I… Continue reading ».


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