Outspoken BIN

I saw these shirts at Sound And Fury. The girl selling them was super nice and while I was buying a tee for Naidoo, we chatted. Very nice. But this shirt probably has a few too many sides. Normally, I can hang with a four sided tee, but the New Age/ Sound And Fury end cap prints give it a near 6 sided vibe. It’s a very busy tshirt. This shouldn’t stop any fans from snagging it from thinking_straight. For $22 shipped, you can’t really go wrong. I want to say they were selling these new for $15-18 at the gig. Decide for yourself.

Vintage Outspoken BIN tee

Vintage Outspoken BIN teeVintage Outspoken BIN tee

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  1. ambrose says:

    It almost looks like a Germs rip.

  2. Stephen says:

    I got the other longsleeve they had at S&F. Although i like this one, lI ike the one i have better. But its funny, this shirt went up on ebay last time and didn’t get any bids at all with a start bid at 5.00 so i am suprised it sold so fast at 15.00. It must be because TTD posted it!!! haha.

  3. b. murphy says:

    I picked up the grey longsleeve too for a friend. Good shirt.

  4. jnaidoo says:

    That right thanks Murph

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