I may not be a huge Outspoken fan but I know a great shirt when I see one. I dont think Ive ever seen this shirt before. You know how much we here at TTD love a longsleeve and how much we double love a 4-sided longsleeve! The seller doesnt seem to know too much… Continue reading ».

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Real Or Fake, A Wish To Own.

I’m told hottdogg9000 is a regular commentator here on TTD, and as such he knows: if you’re selling a bootleg, say so straight out. Or as he puts it: WHAT DID YOU EXPECT STARTING AT 4.99$? Let’s face it though: this is a good looking, and pretty damn accurate bootleg. The only flaw that Murphy… Continue reading ».

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A Wish To Dream

Shhh, before Casali notices, check out this Uniform Choice Wishingwell Records tee. Casali has the market cornered on these tees, but if we tip toe around this one, he might not notice it. That gives you free reign to bid and win. Just keep your head down and bid. If you are lucky, he already… Continue reading ».

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Outspoken BIN

I saw these shirts at Sound And Fury. The girl selling them was super nice and while I was buying a tee for Naidoo, we chatted. Very nice. But this shirt probably has a few too many sides. Normally, I can hang with a four sided tee, but the New Age/ Sound And Fury end… Continue reading ».


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