Supertouch and Insted and Wide Awake, Oh My.

Yet again, we have more auctions from seller xxxevilxxx666 that we dilly dallied around about before posting, and I’m sure more than a few of you were hoping we just wouldn’t get around to them at all… 2 of these are OG’s, one of which is already way up there price wise while the other… Continue reading ».

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What We Believe

My buddy Mr. solventabuse out in Seattle asked me to post these up for him, and I’m always down to do a favor for my favorite northwest brotherman, so here’s some gear he’s selling… Honestly, I have to say that I’ve always thought Insted sucked, so I’ll leave the bidding up to all the edgemen… Continue reading ».

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Insted shirts

You are in luck this morning if you were in need of an INSTED “We’ll Make The Difference” shirt. Seller eatbiggetbig2010 has the regular and tour versions up for sale at the same time. The tour version is somewhat of a design cop out with the tacked on summer tour text. Good looking shirts, and… Continue reading ».

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Insted “We’ll Make The Difference” shirt

I am NOT calling out seller nilukas for creating a bootleg and selling it on ebay. What I am saying is that I do not believe that this shirt is an original. Unless you can look me in the eye and tell me you got this at an INSTED gig, I am calling this one… Continue reading ».


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