Im not too sure of igren`s claim of this being an original Cro-Mags shirt. I mean maybe its an original in the sense of it being sold whenever they started playing gigs again in the early 2000s but with that tag I would say that this shirt isnt too old. Maybe it is though, If… Continue reading ».


Rock N Roll High School.

Clearly, kittylove* skipped out on the day they taught eBay in computers class when she was in high school, since the pics of the original Ramones Rock N Roll High School ringer tee she has up have no enlarge option! No wonder it’s staying low. I did the best I could to blow the pic… Continue reading ».

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Supertouch and Insted and Wide Awake, Oh My.

Yet again, we have more auctions from seller xxxevilxxx666 that we dilly dallied around about before posting, and I’m sure more than a few of you were hoping we just wouldn’t get around to them at all… 2 of these are OG’s, one of which is already way up there price wise while the other… Continue reading ».

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We Are The Ones.

I dunno if this one from thawin199 is an OG tee, or just an old bootleg, but either way, it’s pretty cool. You’re def gonna have to break out the Oxyclean for this one tho…

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