More Metalko.

As promised, here’s another sampling of metal tees from patrick166 to close out Metal Monday*. Always happy to see that Megadeth “So Far So Good So What” tee, but what about that Pushead drawn Prong tee? And the Kreator tee is no slouch either. Good, good stuff. *- As it turns out, Metal Monday will… Continue reading ».

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Metallica Ruled.

Have made that oh so obvious joke about the Metallica tee that sinisterbends is selling before? Oh well, too bad. I repeat it because it’s true. This shirt speaks strictly in a past tense. Absolutely still a cool tee tho, no doubt about that.

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Seller patrick166 is in to make our Metal Monday extra super metally, with a whole bunch of metal tees mixed in with the usual hardcore rarities he tends to bring. Here’s an afternoon sampling, with another one to come later in the day…

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The Beast Tames Texas.

Not only has the Beast tamed Texas, but it has apparently also tamed eBay, as this camouflage sleeved baseball tee Iron Maiden tee from 1982 that masteroffists is auctioning off is quite possibly the very first tee I’ve even seen get started at $300… and get bid on almost immediately!

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