Metallica Ruled.

Have made that oh so obvious joke about the Metallica tee that sinisterbends is selling before? Oh well, too bad. I repeat it because it’s true. This shirt speaks strictly in a past tense. Absolutely still a cool tee tho, no doubt about that.

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Vintage Pimpin’.

Seller vintagepimps isn’t kidding with his username. Lots of rad, low started tees up right now mixed in with the usual run of tees BIN’d in the hundreds of dollars. I think these are the best 4 of the affordable tees, and there’s a $300 Descendents tee (on sale!) that I wish was number 5…



wyco_vintage‘s COC BIN hurtts my feelings. Such a dope shirt but that is out of my price range :(

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Midnight Metallica on Metal Monday.

Midnight marks the official end of this week’s Metal Monday, and we start it the same we began it: overseas. Singapore seller benlovechanel has got a very vintage Metallica “Sad But True” tee for us… love that alternate back print. edit: the above tee was pulled well before the auction was slated to end, so… Continue reading ».

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