Talking Trash

As much as we like to talk trash on Morgado, he’s genuinely a good dude. Don’t let his shirtless demeanor fool you, or his attempts at being in a bad mood. He’s a big ol’ teddy bear. At the next show, make sure you give him 5 or 6 hugs. He loves stuff like that…. Continue reading ».


Morgado Art Collection.

Since I’ve been spending more of my week on art then posts, I figured it might be appropriate to post up these three auctions (with BINs. High ones) from ragingbull20. Why? Because I did the design/artwork for all three. This was based off a doodle I made while we were recording the lp with Jamie… Continue reading ».


Weider Hardcore

At my previous gym, there was this old dude who looked exactly like Joe Weider. Physically fit, same hair cut. Dude even had the moustache. So of course, we called him Weiders. Sharp dude. As for this tank from academyclothiers, I sugget picking it up and giving it to Morgado for his birthday. It’s the… Continue reading ».

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Hey, I Drew That!

Whoops, almost forgot to post this one from joexstrummer, which would have been a real boner on my end, because I’m the one that drew it. Jay Reason was one of the first dudes to back me when it came to doing shirt designs, and this may have even been the very first one he… Continue reading ».

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