Hunter Green TP

What is the most mid 90s color? 1) hunter green 2) maroon 3) natural To save you the trouble of clicking the picture, yes this shirt has been disfigured tailored down by igren to a size without telling you exact measurements


I heart FP

Porter and I were chatting it up on one of the many long car rides of the Japan Floorpunch tour this past year and this shirt came up. He told me it was his favorite Floorpunch shirt. And that was before he even knew I had any involvement in it. If its true Im stoked… Continue reading ».

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FP crewneck BIN

If that FP split shirt wasnt up to your standards, maybe this crewneck from itsxdead is? Nice simple navy on red with a quick and easy BIN

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This time its affordable

adam_ohhc is selling a REPRINT Fury of Five jersey. The keyword folks REPRINT. I’m glad he was honest and didn’t let the price on this jersey get out of hand. I wonder if he picked this up at the Tsunami Fest last year.

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