Hunter Green TP

What is the most mid 90s color? 1) hunter green 2) maroon 3) natural To save you the trouble of clicking the picture, yes this shirt has been disfigured tailored down by igren to a size without telling you exact measurements


Turning point longsleeve

If you love kidney print, and we know you do, we have just the shirt for you!! This Turning POint shirt is on some early 90s skate style type shit. It kinda sucks for me cause Im not a fan of that style. The back of the shirt looks so fucking good too. One of… Continue reading ».

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Lo Impact

A lot of people hate on this shirt. I’m not sure why. I actually like it alot. I’m into the colorway. It’s plain and simple and I think it stands out against the slew of hand print turning point shirts. I many be out of the TP game, who made these shirts? I know they… Continue reading ».


Its always darkest before the dawn

Sometimes I just post stuff to get answers about the item. Like this Turning Point hoody from dukesxup. I have never seen one before and I have no idea when it was released. The only info in the auction is “Turning Point is why the band Thursday is named Thursday” and that makes me not… Continue reading ».

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