A Nightmare Takes A Nap.

Seller jordanlightspeed wants at least 75 bucks for this Pushead “A Nightmare Takes A Nap” tee from his Kuro line. Which is a total bum out for me, since I got mine for like a buck from some store (House of Guitars? Cooch might remember, it was when we were on the A-team/Close Call tour)… Continue reading ».

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Metal Monday Metallica: Deep Pockets.

We’re concluding this brief Metal Monday with some high priced, big ticket items from a couple sellers, neither of which are tees we’ve seen too often before. The Pushead tee I’m not so much interested in; it’s cool, and I love the artwork, but I don’t care for the ice grey tee color. The Dedicated… Continue reading ».

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One For The Metallica Monday File.

Another tee for Metal Monday from seller waaaaaaaaaaytoomuchstuff, and while the front isn’t anything that we haven’t seen before (and usually on the back of the “Shortest Straw” shirt, no?), the back print with what I assume are a play on the close ups from the And Justice For All… band portraits is a new… Continue reading ».


Metal Monday Rules.

One last bit of Metal Monday goodness for today, and it’s one that we’ve never shown before, courtesy of seller emlclothing… Unfortunately, awesome as this is, the seller forgot to put up any size information, so your guess is as good as mine. And my guess is an early 90s Medium, so yknow… hello Lynn,… Continue reading ».


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