Found In A Dive.

Gotta love where joshdoubleyou says he found this Sick Of It All “The Pain Strikes” tee: wadded up into a ball and used for insulation inside a wall in Brooklyn! Thankfully, he also says he washed any and all remnants of asbestos off. “Doesn’t get more new york than that does it?” Well I mean,… Continue reading ».

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Does this SOIA shirt from seller Mr.igren win the award for WOAT SOIA shirt? Obv WOAT is the opposite of GOAT. Lets see it has a ringer and a tattooy sacred heart. It does predate the whole tattoo inspired shirt graphics that took over HC merch for a hot minute by a few years but… Continue reading ».


Sometimes you just have to go formal!

I don’t have too much to say about this Sick Of It All tie for sale by getxwithxthexprogram. All I know is that it’s weird, and we like that around these parts. I have no clue why this exists, but maybe we can get someone from the band to chime in!


Sick Of It All shirt

I took several looks at this Sick Of It All shirt for sale by nj-sleeper before I read that it is a PALE YELLOW color. Now, I’m a pretty progressive gentleman and I would in fact wear a pale yellow shirt. Where this shirt loses me is the weirdo front print. It looks cheap and… Continue reading ».

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