Mental first shirt

xxxbostonsis dishing out a nice little boston HC gem. The first Mental design. Im not sure if this the first colorway it was printed in or what. I have this same shirt in royal blue. I got the shirt and demo #2 at a gig in the boston area at the hideaway with AN and… Continue reading ».


Step Forward

Dear Step Forward, Where is this new record Ive heard was supposed to come out for a while now?! Im dying here. That first ep was/is Killer! I live overseas but I know a lot of local people want more gigs too. k? thnx! love, TTD and xxxpromisexxx



I’ve got nothing against First Blood. They are a solid band plus they boast ex members of Terror, you can’t go wrong. But this hoodie is a bit much. I mean come on where the fuck are you going to wear this other than a show. Lets make a list where you can’t wear this…. Continue reading ».


Earth Crisis

Not a bad looking Earth Crisis tee. No bulldogs present due to it being from a reunion gig a few eyars back and not from the 90s although you might be fooled by the color choice of the tee. A good choice for anyone who hasnt broken their vegan edge. Dunkleman40 coming through with this… Continue reading ».

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