Attn Little LOC Fans

Just because it lacks a LOC doesn’t make it any less of a LOC tshirt. erikaratekid. I know she drove me a few times to the Middle East. Great tshirt. Size small. Boooooo to size small. Boston. Straight Edge. In the motherfuckin house…


In My Eyes Boston Straight Edge

God bless America! Nothing says “USA” more than the Boston Straight Edge legends daysarelikeknives, you have quite a few options to chose from. And this seller has some GREAT ones. Lots of rare tshirts in here. West Coast Weekend shirt, 2 color EST 97 tee, those one sided, chest centered box logos… Some great items… Continue reading ».

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Free Spirit free yourself shirt and demo

I don’t know if I’m psyched or bummed that odd wolf future gang is being used as a selling point of this shirt. It not just the fact I’m not really a fan of odd wolf it’s more that I think Free Spirit is a strong enough band with a solid enough output to stand… Continue reading ».

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Mental first shirt

xxxbostonsis dishing out a nice little boston HC gem. The first Mental design. Im not sure if this the first colorway it was printed in or what. I have this same shirt in royal blue. I got the shirt and demo #2 at a gig in the boston area at the hideaway with AN and… Continue reading ».


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