We’ll Make The Difference.

I once owned an Insted shirt like the one being auctioned off by possesedtoskate. Thing of it was, it was not actually my tee: it belonged to Btrust, and it somehow ended up in my possession for a long ass time- at least 3 or 4 years. Sadly, since I was never the biggest Insted fan, rather than hold onto it when he didn’t want it anymore, I simply gave it back and let him give it to someone else. Brains: some times I don’t use them.

Vintage We’ll Make The Difference. tee

Vintage We’ll Make The Difference. tee

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  1. Firstofthegangtodie says:

    I gave that fool that shirt as a gift four years ago. I miss that shirt to pieces. What a damn shame. Pisses me off a little.

  2. Etrust says:

    Actually that was my shirt (wondered where the fuck that went) & these fools making mad profit off it will soon be hearing from my attorney.

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