We’ll Make The Difference.

I once owned an Insted shirt like the one being auctioned off by possesedtoskate. Thing of it was, it was not actually my tee: it belonged to Btrust, and it somehow ended up in my possession for a long ass time- at least 3 or 4 years. Sadly, since I was never the biggest Insted… Continue reading ».


The Killing Time Blues.

I’m really into this Killing Time longsleeve being sold by soulvice88. The color really sets it apart from the usual KT gear… Now, the real question is: does Lynn own one of these already, and are we going to have to fight her for this one if she doesn’t? And yes, I’m refraining from making… Continue reading ».


YOT & Burn BINS.

I know it’s not metal, but our pal str8t8 is in the process of upping some new auctions right now, all with BIN’s. This is the best of what’s up right now, though I dunno if it’s gonna move at the $150 right away. But hey, you never know. So instead of waiting, we’re slipping… Continue reading ».

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Not another Raw Deal

Another hit from Barfight. Not quite as cool as a “just another raw deal” shirt but still pretty cool Cant go wrong with that early 90s Screen Stars tag. This shirt looks like its incredible shape as well. If I had dough I would scooping this up instad of posting it for you to see… Continue reading ».

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