Lets talk about my friend Mike. He hates shirts with print on the back. He likes a nice one sided shirt (as do I. In fact, I love a one sided pocket print shirt … you may see one pop up someday …). You can’t fault him on that. BUT, he also likes two and three sided shirts AS LONG AS neither of those sides is the back. So if either or both sleeves have print, he’s ok with it. This too seems reasonable. It’s obvious he doesn’t like blazing large graphics on his back. Understandable. But how would he feel about this shirt from zuckus138? This has the big Bad Religion front graphic, the logo sleeve print on one arm and the tour dates on the other arm. It also has the logo again on the back. But instead of a giant graphic, it’s printed tramp stamp style (no picture given, bummer). So I’m curious, WWMS**? Shirt looks like it’s worn to perfection too.

Vintage WWMS? tee

** What Would Mike Say?Vintage WWMS? tee

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