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Mickey Mouse Trapped by Addiction


Mickey Mouse Trapped by Addiction

Each week we feature an interesting vintage tee that’s currently on the eBay auction block. Please feel free to link us if you create or discover an auction we might like.  

Description: vintage walt disney 1960s MiCKEY MOUSE t-shirt

Measurements: Pit-to-Pit: 16.5″ Length: 22″

Sold bydefunkd_vintage

What I Say: Apparently the late 60s were a tough time for Mick. Sure, his original heydays were far from over, but he was dealing just fine. He took the odd role in commercials and made public appearance in rural shopping malls. It wasn’t until he caught Minnie in bed with Jerry (of Tom & Jerry fame) that he went berserk. Cigarettes, booze, cartoon acid, and eventually smack. Sorry Walt, we know this shirt probably has you rolling around in your cryogenic grave.

vintage mickey mouse t-shirt

Final Price: $121.89

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Jimmy founded Defunkd in 2004 when he started selling vintage t-shirts online. 20 years of experience later and he hasn't looked back since. Actually, he looks back all the time given he's a sucker for nostalgia. For more, check the history of Defunkd and Jimmy's Expertise.

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