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May The Best Mane Win


May The Best Mane Win

eBay vintage clothing models are by far the funkiest models in the world. But lets face it, their faces never get the credit they deserve. Until now.

ebay vintage models

I declare a beard war. Click on the links, view their auctions, peruse their poses and then vote for your favorite below – poll closes on Friday September 26.

1. The model for drewkirk is sporting half-stache-soul-patch growth.

2. The model for princesvintage goes with the classic 5 o’clock shadow, or what ever time that is over in the UK.

3. The model for vintage_lovers gets creative with his clippers, tailored side burns, soul patch goatee fusion.

4. The model for americanarchive is a big fan of Santa Claus, Grizzly Adams and Just For Men.

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