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Sharon Stone Wore Vintage Porsche Sunglasses


Sharon Stone Wore Vintage Porsche Sunglasses

We plugged in our Betamax player and started watching old tapes. Coincidentally the topic of celebrity fashion becomes very interesting.

What do you get when you cross the world’s fastest production car with a young Sharon Stone (or two) and use 1980s electro as your theme music?

You get one seriously badass promo for vintage Porsche sunglasses. This is the opening scene/episode to season five of Magnum P.I. and the same music used for the end credits of Blade Runner. The mischievous version of Sharon Stone wore Porsche Carrera sunglasses with yellow lenses for night driving. They made it easier for her to drive so fast, especially since the editors obviously sped the footage up.

Carrera made an amazing line of “C80” Porsche design folding sunglasses. There were numerous variations to the design but all had one thing in common: they folded. The end result fits in to a convenient compact zipper pouch that makes it even easier to lose your sunglasses. As an added bonus you’re encouraged to make transformer sound effects during the fold/unfold process.

carrera c80 porsche folding sunglasses

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