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The Anatomy of a True Michael Jackson Costume


The Anatomy of a True Michael Jackson Costume

Face it, this Halloween MJ costumes are hotter than his head was during the filming of that Pepsi commercial. That said, our mission is to help you moonwalk over other jackass Jackos and make sure you’re crowned the king of pop at your costume party. Last year we meticulously dissected a true Magnum P.I. costume, so rest assured we preach accuracy and attention to detail. If you’re looking to mimic Michael in his later years, look elsewhere because this is all about accessorizing a complete vintage outfit.

The links below are your ticket to creating a show stopping Michael Jackson costume.

The Beat It

michael jackson sunglassesSunglasses Michael usually wore a pair of aviator style shades during public appearances. The extra-dark lenses probably made him feel inconspicuous, since he always felt like somebody was watching him…and he was right.

micheal jackson beat-it leather jacketLeather Jacket Your single most important purchase – so don’t cut any corners. Get a vintage jacket. Keep it red if you’re going for the Beat It look. He wore a black one in the Bad video but it was an entirely different style of jacket.

michael jackson glitter gloveGlitter Glove Go for the kitschy vintage version, which was just a white glove printed with sparkle ink; or go for something a little more realistic. MJ usually wore the glove on his right hand and you should too.

michael jackson pantsLeather or PVC Pants Make sure to hem the bottoms appropriately – as if you’re expecting a flood. Who knows, in this age of global warming, you might get lucky. If your pants look like Steve Urkel’s, you’ve hemmed too far.

michael jackson socksSequin Socks Never wear black shoes with white socks, unless it’s Halloween and you’re going as MJ. He turned this fashion faux-pas to fad by using glitter to glorify a typically unseen garment. Oh, remember to scrunch them at the bottom.

michael jackson shoesPenny Loafers MJ reportedly patented a custom designed loafer for his moonwalk – and you can bet they cost him a pretty penny. Save yours and just grab a standard black pair and shine ’em up real nice.

The Thriller

michael jackson zombieHalloween is for ghouls, ghosts and gashes. You wont turn many heads if you strut around like a run-of-the-mill Michael, even if you are anatomically correct. Grab some of the goodies above (socks, loafers) and get a pair of red jeans. Then distress a Thriller jacket to looks Jacko’s did when he turned zombie. Use a knock-off Thriller jacket, please. There are plenty of cheap imitations to sacrifice so no vintage is harmed during the making of your costume.  We wouldn’t usually suggest altering your skin color to match MJ’s but he did use make-up in the video to become a zombie and you should too.

The King of Pop

mj pepsi adIf you want a shot at the best-costume title, you’re going to have to be more creative and a wee bit controversial too. This combo can be achieved by replicating Mike during his accident on the set of the infamous Pepsi commercial shoot. You’re going to need the goodies above (glove, pants, socks, loafers) but you also need a sequin shirt and blazer. The key to the costume is a full Michael Jackson mask with hair. Trim the hair and modify the scalp to replicate his burn. The final touch is a vintage can of Pepsi – “the choice of a new generation” era. Keep it in your hand at all times – especially when it’s time to cheers your friends when you win the prize for best costume.

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