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A comprehensive resource of defunct t-shirt labels manufactured prior to the year 2000.

Brand #13: Sneakers

Circulation: Fairly Common

Era: 1980s

Information: Nothing is known about the company behind this tag except that they manufactured blank tees in the 1980s.

The Sneakers brand is one of the few vintage t-shirts that advertised a brand name polyester in their fabric blend. Kodel Polyester was developed in 1958 by Eastman Chemical Products as an inexpensive durable artificial fiber and paved the way for an explosion of poly usage in the 1960s.

But a poly/cotton blend wasn’t the only one up Sneakers’ sleeves – they also incorporated rayon which makes them one of small handful of blank vintage t-shirt manufacturer to do so. Rayon is a manufactured fiber but not artificial because it’s derived from naturally occurring cellulose – it was developed as an inexpensive alternative to silk.

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