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Jesus Appears on an Iron Maiden T-Shirt

Iron Maiden Jesus Shirt


Jesus Appears on an Iron Maiden T-Shirt

We’ve seen claims of Jesus’ image appearing in everything: bread, potato chips, mud…and even a piece of ham. And this isn’t the first time he’s shown his face on a tee. But this particular instance is a little different. There’s no mistaking it’s Jesus this time because among the image he’s also included what appears to be several instances of his written name in a bold font.

See if you can make it out:

Jesus on Iron Maiden T-Shirt

Did you spot it?

It’s tricky, so here’s a closer look:

Jesus Aces High

And his choice of t-shirt? Could there be anymore irony? He’s obviously trying to warn us against the evils of Iron Maiden – a band that is sponsored by Satan himself.

A user of our forum named thetwintowers in our forum made the shocking discovery at a thiftstore. Not surprisingly sin immediately set in as he greedily wondered if the appearance effected the value of the true vintage garment. In their non-sacred state vintage Aces tees can sell for up to $666.66.

If Jesus isn’t making his presence known here, what’s the explanation?  Get the full story and have your say here.

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