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  • Grateful Dead

    Blues For Allah

    By Jimmy JJuly 6, 2011

    A t-shirt gallery for Dead Heads who appreciate a vintage torso. Shirt #1: Blues for Allah...

  • Metal


    By Jimmy JJuly 5, 2011

    The headbanger’s vintage poly-cotton headquarters. Shirt #6: Scorpions Availability: Check Defunkd for Scorpions Tees Album: Lovedrive...

  • Slayer

    World Sacrifice

    By Jimmy JJuly 1, 2011

    Showcasing the vast vintage t-shirt arsenal of Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer. Shirt #25: Slayer, World...

  • Motley Crue

    Bad Boys

    By Jimmy JJune 27, 2011

    Showcasing the massive collection of vintage Mötley Crüe tees aka formal attire in hell. Shirt #9:...

  • Headlines

    The Big Man

    By Jimmy JJune 18, 2011

    A vintage t-shirt gallery inspired by current events. Headline: Clarence Clemons Passes Away Availability: Check Bruce...

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