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GB 1990 longsleeve

Man, when it rains it pours. I went from never seeing this shirt to seeing two hoodies and this longsleeve all in the same week. You just dont see this shirt around that much. For once igren did not destroy tailor a shirt. I also have this shirt in a size L and it fits… Continue reading ».

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Banana Core das boot

Ill shamefully admit it. I have a banana core bootleg. I got it from thunder lizard when ever that dude made them. Its a nice shirt and I wear it when I have to do sweat inducing chores or to a gig where I know there will diving(by me). I wanted to post this one… Continue reading ».

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Ending soon

igren has something that seems to get more and more expensive by the month. I hope its just a trend like expensive rival mob,supertouch, and free spirit merch. Seems like one of these pops up every week now too. Seller says its an L but fits like a medium. I dont know if this was… Continue reading ».


Upfront 89 tour shirt

How many shirts did Upfront make on their tours? I feel like there is always one up on Ebay every week or two. In case you missed out on one of the many others here is one from the dude unloading a million shirts this past week mr. igren. No mention if this one has… Continue reading ».

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