GB 1991 Euro longsleeve

Incase for some reason you dont like that red longsleev, maybe this one is more to your liking. As a bonus, as some sort of xmas miracle this one has NOT been cut to pieces tailored by igren. The front design is very reminicent of all the newer shirts that GB has been selling at… Continue reading ».

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GB 1990 longsleeve

Man, when it rains it pours. I went from never seeing this shirt to seeing two hoodies and this longsleeve all in the same week. You just dont see this shirt around that much. For once igren did not destroy tailor a shirt. I also have this shirt in a size L and it fits… Continue reading ».

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Banana Core das boot

Ill shamefully admit it. I have a banana core bootleg. I got it from thunder lizard when ever that dude made them. Its a nice shirt and I wear it when I have to do sweat inducing chores or to a gig where I know there will diving(by me). I wanted to post this one… Continue reading ».

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Like two gorillas in the jungle making love

Straight jungle style from igren. Even though I hate the caveman with a passion I have this same shirt I think. Mine is a bright teal-ish color and that is primarily the reason I got it because the color was so outlandish. I cant tell if this is the same color with the dark lighting… Continue reading ».

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