GB 1990 longsleeve

Man, when it rains it pours. I went from never seeing this shirt to seeing two hoodies and this longsleeve all in the same week. You just dont see this shirt around that much. For once igren did not destroy tailor a shirt. I also have this shirt in a size L and it fits… Continue reading ».

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Slavko Biscuits In Your Head.

Say, didn’t we just see this Gorilla Biscuits hoodie that patrick166 is selling? He couldn’t be flipping like he is with that Agnostic Front Liberty & Justice tee, could he? Rest easy: unless he’s a time traveller, he is most definitely not flipping this one; that auction is still up and running (and strangely unbid… Continue reading ».

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GB 1990 tour hoodie

Another Blast of hot fire from igren. Until last year I never saw this design before. I stumbled upon a red longsleeve exactly like this and I havent see one since. This hoodie is making me drool a bit. I might have to get my Paypal funds up and battle it out. Im surprised you… Continue reading ».


Suicidal 13.

Obviously seller r_halford isn’t Rob Halford. But would that he were, because I would love to see Rob belting out Breakin’ The Law while sporting this sick ass Suicidal Tendencies football jersey. Excuse me. This sick ass MESH Suicidal Tendencies football jersey… I love everything about this jersey. The x’s that abbreviate the S.T., the… Continue reading ».

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