Banana Core das boot

Ill shamefully admit it. I have a banana core bootleg. I got it from thunder lizard when ever that dude made them. Its a nice shirt and I wear it when I have to do sweat inducing chores or to a gig where I know there will diving(by me). I wanted to post this one… Continue reading ».

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YOT josh says mosh bootleg

It was like a year ago when people had a huge boner for this shirt when an original popped up on ebay. Its supposed to have been the first shirt. Besides it being rare it kinda sucks. Terrible looking shirt. This is not an original so that rare factor is gone. I cant picture this… Continue reading ».


I’ll Allow It.

I wasn’t exactly shocked when seller yesterdayskid revealed that this DumpTruck tee was a bootleg he made after stumbling upon the screen (why the screen was in Canada, I can only guess, as we certainly didn’t outsource our tees), as the only legit DumpTruck tees that were ever made were on Army green (you could… Continue reading ».

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Chain Of Strength bootleg

I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s weird for this Chain Of Strength shirt for sale by animal-chin to be selling at $66 currently, can I? Sure it seems to be an ok copy, but that is a lot of coin to drop on a bootleg. You could make a dozen yourself for… Continue reading ».

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