I’ll Allow It.

I wasn’t exactly shocked when seller yesterdayskid revealed that this DumpTruck tee was a bootleg he made after stumbling upon the screen (why the screen was in Canada, I can only guess, as we certainly didn’t outsource our tees), as the only legit DumpTruck tees that were ever made were on Army green (you could call it olive green, if you prefer), and probably numbered less than 100. Def no red tees, red tees were a Wrong Side thing. But you know what? I’ll allow it. Red bootleg DumpTruck tee number 1 of 1, I declare you legitimate. Go forth, be fruitful, and don’t multiply.

Vintage I’ll Allow It. tee

Vintage I’ll Allow It. tee

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  1. If I remember correctly the screen was in a pile of about 100 old piece of shit screens that were purchased off Craiglist. They were still covered in plastisol and I had the pleasure of cleaning and reclaiming them all. When I eyeballed the DT screen I quickly made a print on the only shirt I could find because I was never lucky enough to nab an og DT shirt. Unfortunately it’s printed on a medium, which was definitely wishful thinking on my size-large behalf.

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