I’ll Allow It.

I wasn’t exactly shocked when seller yesterdayskid revealed that this DumpTruck tee was a bootleg he made after stumbling upon the screen (why the screen was in Canada, I can only guess, as we certainly didn’t outsource our tees), as the only legit DumpTruck tees that were ever made were on Army green (you could… Continue reading ».

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When I posted about the Wrong Side NWA rip off tees from our lone California show, I mentioned that we had also done a small amount of crew necks to go with ’em (no, I don’t remember exactly how many, you’d have to ask Andy from L.I.O.N., he hooked up the merch that day. I… Continue reading ».

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Dumptruck Lives – The Greatest Show On Earth

Anyone ever notice how bands that produce last show shirts ALWAYS seem to play more shows? Take The Wrongside. This is probably even the SECOND “last show” shirt they produced. But they continued playing gigs. In fact, I saw them just last year or the year before in Haverhill, Mass. Dookie was shredding. I was… Continue reading ».


The Wrongside

xourlastregretx would agree. Granted, these shirts were all post LP era tees. That’s when the lineup was very fluid, and the shirts were coming in from all over the place. I think most of these were printed by Mission Merch. Not exactly my favorite TWS tees, especially the ringer. Fuckin ringers. I’m so glad a… Continue reading ».


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