Im not too sure of igren`s claim of this being an original Cro-Mags shirt. I mean maybe its an original in the sense of it being sold whenever they started playing gigs again in the early 2000s but with that tag I would say that this shirt isnt too old. Maybe it is though, If in doubt ask questions but from the description it sounds as if the seller doesnt really wanna answer any. Another shirt that has also been slash and burned tailored down.

Vintage Original?? tee

Vintage Original?? tee

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  1. xfarsidex says:

    ugly as fuck.

  2. americanstan says:

    I have an og version of this and it is only printed on one side and is printed on some odd ball brand of shirt. the tag has an eye on it.

  3. shane says:

    oh, wow. he actually took 5 seconds to measure this one and include that in the description.

  4. xfarsidex says:

    i would have expected him to measure it and not include the measurements in the description.

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