COS foundation shirt

Its official Chain of Strength shirts are no longer rare. Stop paying lots of money for them. If you visit this site regularly you will notice that COS shirts popup pretty much every week. This one is pretty rough though. Maybe itll hit 300 like that other terrible conidtion COS shirt. igren gives a pretty… Continue reading ».

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Deja Vu.

Don’t be surprised if that, of the two original tee’s that baosgarden has relisted after ending early last week, only the Chain of Strength tee sees any major action. I have a hard time seeing anyone killing themselves to get a Burn tee that’s only slightly different than the one Rev still sells… Who am… Continue reading ».

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Another Chain Boot, With YOT (And Sleeveprints).

Seller currently going for $66(!), has another pair of high quality boots up, and I gotta say, while I don’t know about paying $66 or higher for them, they are a nice looking pair. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for the old Wishingwell and StepForward sleeve prints.

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Chain Of Strength bootleg

I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s weird for this Chain Of Strength shirt for sale by animal-chin to be selling at $66 currently, can I? Sure it seems to be an ok copy, but that is a lot of coin to drop on a bootleg. You could make a dozen yourself for… Continue reading ».

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