Weirdo Judge front print Rev shirt

The Judge shirt is from the mid 90s. I got mine from Jesse Standhard. He got a Judge Schism shirt and gave me his old one. I was stoked and wore the shit out of it in high school. I still have it actually and gave it to my older bro. Pass it on. Its… Continue reading ».

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Older Right Brigade

Here is an older Right Brigade shirt. Simple white on black from a band that was filled with beef from the beginning. Good demo though. LP is good if you can track down the version of the mix without all the weirdo sounds. I was at the backup session of the demo. I remember it… Continue reading ».

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Right Brigade tye dye

According to the seller only a couple of these were made in 2003. He should know he was probably there making them. We saw the other one being a sold a month back or so. Im feeling this shirt. I may even have to get a snipe set up. I still am looking for the… Continue reading ».

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Invasion reunion tee

This shirt was sold at the last Floorpunch show a couple weeks back. This dude has already decided he is over Invasion. I drew this shirt. I also drew the first Invasion shirt with Pitbulls on it. That was the first shirt I ever designed for a band so it holds a special place in… Continue reading ».

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