JSH + Joey C shirt

getdown87 is selling a nice shirt. I dont think its Invasion or RJ’s related. I think it would be better classified as a Jesse Standhard appreciation Tee. If you are not personally friends with either of these dudes I wouldnt really see why you would want this shirt. I do so maybe Ill be bidding…. Continue reading ».

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GB Hoodie.

Joey C was the first person I ever knew who had one of the Gorilla Biscuits zip ups like the one that poopzx is selling, well before they were remade for the reunions. I actually have a funny picture of him dozed off in Joe Shumsky’s living room during one of the shows they used… Continue reading ».


Rainbow Stylin’.

Seller xbestoneyetx brings us another version of the Righteous Jams mesh hat, and while he describes it as “Rasta colored”, it’s pretty clearly rainbow stylin’. If you want to get all matchy matchy, I’m pretty sure all the colors of the rainbow can be found in this RJ’s sample shirt that he’s selling as well…… Continue reading ».

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iowncds Owns More Tees.

Some more auctions to repay my debt to seller iowncds, and I like I said before, good thing none of this is crap. Where would my credibility be then (insert what credibility response here). Who knew the first Invasion design also had a longsleeve version? I sure didn’t. More solid work from Jay Bil for… Continue reading ».


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