TUI Trio.

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted up any Trapped Under Ice basketball jerseys, and since then, they’ve changed up the designs a little bit. We’re gonna start with the 08 version, and then move on the ’11’s, while simultaneously moving backwards in terms of design complexity… which is not a criticism, mind. I really like… Continue reading ».

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It’s Summer, Bitches!

It’s beautiful out. Stop reading the internet and go outside. Grab this Trapped Under Ice vest, and go shout some hoops. Dumb if you don’t. jor9231

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He Went To Get The WarZone Tees! WORD!!

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of legit jake4sox. And if you desperately need that boot, go ahead, snag this one.

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Reaper Records head honcho soulcraft1977 is making with a couple rarities here, as these Trapped Under Ice tees weren’t actually sold at This Is Hardcore unless you knew to ask for them. Not sure how many were made, under 100 would be my guess. Size M Size L

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