I Can’t Wait To Own This.

Oh who am I kidding. There’s no way in hell this original 3 sided Uniform Choice tee stays as low as it has been through out it’s run. When it comes down to the wire, this one is gonna jump no matter what, which means it’s gonna be out of my price range fast. So… Continue reading ».

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MoshxChuck is Now Stealing Pics

Seller moshxchuck is selling is a boot. 100% positive. And his HowsYourEdge.com. LAME. Do not buy. Do not support this dude.


YOT – Not A Crumby Euro Boot

At first, I was pretty amped on this tee. When it comes to bootlegs, this isn’t one you see very often. 4 sided is a pain in the ass to boot. And the lettering on the sleeve seems to be some long lost forgotten font. No one ever seems to get it right. But this… Continue reading ».


Wishingwell Records shirt

It looks like loop88 is going to continue to make it easy for me. I love this. “Here is your chance to win an OG WishingWell Records logo shirt size XL (fits like a Large) that was made in the late 80’s on Screen Star T-shirt brand. Original (not a bootleg) shirt is in amazing… Continue reading ».

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