I Can’t Wait To Own This.

Oh who am I kidding. There’s no way in hell this original 3 sided Uniform Choice tee stays as low as it has been through out it’s run. When it comes down to the wire, this one is gonna jump no matter what, which means it’s gonna be out of my price range fast. So… Continue reading ».

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Legion of Rice

People keep telling me that later era Uniform Choice grows on you. I dont know Im just not feeling it. Ive tried giving “staring into the sun” a whirl or two but im just not that musically advanced yet. As far as UC merch goes I think this one is right up there with the… Continue reading ».

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Uniform Choice A Wish To Dream shirt

Seller newcopcar has listed this Uniform Choice “Wish To Dream” shirt. I’ll let the seller explain why he doesn’t know if it’s original or not. What I will say is that this could be a nice scoop if you were looking for one of these to wear daily. The seller states “You are bidding on… Continue reading ».

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Blue-niform Choice (OUCH).

Seller drewtilldeath1986’s Uniform Choice tee is a boot, but it’s a boot I can get behind. Not only does it look well done, but it’s got the blue UC action going on, and not only does it make the tee look great, but I happen to love a good ol red white and blue color… Continue reading ».

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