Torn Apart

As Cushman and I were driving back from the Trapped Under Ice and Bane gig in CT, we were discussing old shirts and demos. I mentioned how I missed my ridiculous Turmoil soccer jersey, and he mentioned something about a Indian Summer? It was none of the above obviously, but he did mention that he had a box of demos. Now you are curious, “Brian, what was the first demo you asked him if he had?” The first one I asked about — Torn Apart. No shit. Torn Apart.

doooooobin has the tee. But who has the demo? I’ll take some MP3s people. Hook me up!

Vintage Torn Apart tee

Vintage Torn Apart tee
Vintage Torn Apart tee

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  1. danny s. says:

    i have seen this band Easily 20 times, the singer is now a lawyer, drives a bmw, and is buddies landlord. kinda funny

  2. R says:

    Is he really a lawyer? I loved this band for some reason. Always thought they were from Maryland, and something to do with Excessive force?

    Do any of the other guys play in bands?

  3. danny s. says:

    true, from the baltimore/western, md area. As far as I know, none of them played again. Theyre last cd (i want to say ferret put it out?) they tried to be more ‘rock in roll’.

  4. The excessive force connection comes from the fact that they did a single on that dudes label. Mike went on to be in that band Bridgewater who did a single and a demo. Later bass player Drew had come from Baltimore band Behind Closed Doors. Devon as far as I know has hung up the drums and gotten pretty respectable as well.

  5. XbsX says:

    I remember when the singer broke edge and got his XXX tat turned into three boxes…amazing.
    I remember this band and Darkest Hour played a lot of the Chop Shop/UMBC/and DC Underground shows

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