Busy TUI

I was having lunch with Cushman the other day when he started telling me about this baybuhbonnie could be pulling my leg, I’d never know …


Torn Apart

As Cushman and I were driving back from the Trapped Under Ice and Bane gig in CT, we were discussing old shirts and demos. I mentioned how I missed my ridiculous Turmoil soccer jersey, and he mentioned something about a Indian Summer? It was none of the above obviously, but he did mention that he… Continue reading ».


No Warning

No Warning was an interesting crew. They started out as super pos coremin. Over the years, things change. Sure. The last story I remember hearing was about the crew throwing rocks at tranny hookers in Toronto. Yeah, real different. One time I was driving through Worcester with Cushman. We were going through Main South, not… Continue reading ».

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Bad Religion

Over the weekend, I had a long conversation with Cushman about his love of one sided, two sided and 3 sided tees. BUT, he hates back print. He only likes front print or sleeve print. Looking at this shirt from janvanderdam, I’m not sure what he would think. However, I do know the lower back… Continue reading ».


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