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Video Killed the eBay Star


Video Killed the eBay Star

This week’s strange and unusual eBay item comes from the operator of a women’s vintage clothing store called MSFIRECRACKER’S VOGUE COLLECTION. For a mere $100,000 you can purchase a large quantity of her pin up clothes, dresses, coats and shoes.

The listing is pretty scarce on details given the hefty price tag. One of my rules of thumb – if I’m going to drop $100,000 I’d like to see a photo…or two. What could she be thinking? The subtitle of the auction, “~BABY, I’M A STAR!~” provides a little insight and paves the way to the even bigger oddity.

Apparently MSFIRECRACKER has manufactured herself in to an eBay celebrity, if there is such a thing. She has posted over 170 videos to one of her youtube accounts, some of which appear directly in her listings. While on camera she parades around in vintage clothing, dances to suggestive music and usually ends up in a bikini, swinging around on a chair or wriggling around on a bed. These videos aren’t total amateur either, they’re all cut, edited, feature the odd special effect and are fused with everything from classical music to classic rock.

Rumour has it she’s been seen on the party circuit with both Smith and Pooter.


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