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A Vintage Church Outhouse? Holy Shit!


A Vintage Church Outhouse? Holy Shit!

This week’s strange and unusual eBay auction comes from an entrepreneurial eBayer who goes by twiceconnected. But for the sake of this post, chalked full of toilet humor, let’s just call him John. His story begins while a church is being remodeled and the pastor decides it’s time to lay the old outhouse to rest. That’s when John uses his head and decides not to let this old dump to go to waste. He strikes a deal with the devotee, snaps a few pictures, and starts the bidding at $9.99. Hey, that’s the opposite of 666, nice one John!

And this isn’t any regular crapper – it has a few great selling features. First of all, it has housed at least 50 years of sacred stools. It’s also a double header – with two toilets inside, for added convenience. Yes, this means at one time or another two nuns had simultaneous miraculous movements.

Think the whole thing is a little hard to digest? View the full auction by clicking here.

vintage church outhouse


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