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Vintage Tees for Tots


Vintage Tees for Tots

Psssssst! If you have a tyke in your life, we have something to show you. Even if you don’t have any kids, well, now there’s a good reason to have some. Or maybe you’re just in the mood to say, “ahhhhhhh, sooooo cute!”? Well, The Robot Parade for Kids is like the Daily Puppy for vintage clothing lovers and the best source to score vintage kid’s clothes.

TRPFK is a pioneering eBay vintage clothing shop and a clever brand extension of the legendary store The Robot Parade. The proprietor and mommy, Kristen, handpicks all the gems for juniors and can cover your kid from head to toe, shoes to hat, no matter what age. The clothes are modeled by 18 different boys and girls in various stages of development, including a newborn with the umbilical cord still attached (just kidding).

I’m especially fond of the kid-ironic Quiet Riot shirts, which like the rest of the inventory, are all genuine vintage.

Check out Defunkd’s kid’s sized selection.

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