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Ken is Definitely No Doll


Ken is Definitely No Doll

killer ken dollThis week’s strange and unusual eBay auction comes from a very creative and witty eBayer who goes by iloveseverus. So witty in fact, that I don’t even have to do the usual break down of how absurd the listing is, this one speaks for itself.

What does this have to do with vintage clothing? Not a heck of a lot. Well, that dress Ken’s wearing isn’t exactly modern day, but I have already said to much. Let’s face it, Ken’s been riding on Barbie’s coattails since their first mold was made. Some might even say he’s Barbie’s bitch, but that’s obviously a title he’s learned to live with, and even appreciate.

Check it out here, and do it quickly! It has some questionable content so eBay might pull it.

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