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If I Absolutely Had to Wear a New Shirt…


If I Absolutely Had to Wear a New Shirt…

As an ambassador of vintage t-shirts I always represent in one. What if, by some strange circumstance, the fate of the world relied on me wearing a brand new tee? This section is dedicated to the ones I would put on to save our planet. You’re welcome.

john f kennedy shirtI have always maintained that going throwback is the best way to show fan support for virtually anything: a band, sports team, a cause, etc. And now thanks to Retro Campaigns, you can add politics to the mix and become the mack of throwback.

Yes, I always vote for original vintage but RC’s tees still give me an election. For one, they aren’t repros or knockoffs of original t-shirt designs – because they’re from political eras that had yet to embrace t-shirt promotion. Christine from RC says the designs were inspired from other political memorabilia, posters, buttons, stickers, etc.  “We try to give them the ‘air of authenticity,’ you know, trying to convey the idea that if this design existed on a tee during that time period, this is how it might look.”

High quality print on American Apparel shirt aside, I am most impressed by the entire operation of this shirt company. Impeccably timed given the youthful climate of US politics, great marketing and a slick website. And once you fill out your order ballot they actually deliver on their promises – the packaging is top notch and includes a nifty button, a mock ballot receipt and JFK fact sheet. If you’re considering becoming an online proprietor of t-shirts or running any internet/mail based biz – a lot can be learned here.

Retro Campaigns just released seven new designs for a total of 27 running mates, which tend be more of the Democratic persuasion. Could this be the RC party of choice or just more smart marketing given the unpopularity of the current power? Probably a little bit of both. “We try to be somewhat balanced with Democrats/Republicans, and will be even more so in the future.” explains Christine.

Check them out here.

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