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The Knits

A comprehensive resource of defunct t-shirt labels manufactured prior to the year 2000.

Brand #6: The Knits

Circulation: Common

Era: Late 1970s to mid 1980s

Information: Using an RN number that appears on one of the tags (13765) we discover the company was property of UNION UNDERWEAR COMPANY, INC. Union has been around since the late 1800s and had strong ties to Fruit of The Loom throughout its existence. The Knits was a specialty t-shirt with longer, colored sleeves often described as a baseball or concert jersey.

The earliest dated The Knits printed shirt I have found is from 1979 and have yet to find one with a print dated beyond 1983. Based on one of the incarnations of the tag (right) The Knits was branded like a Screen Stars Best line extension after FOTL bought out Union in 1985.

If you have any info on The Knits please comment below.

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