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A comprehensive resource of defunct t-shirt labels manufactured prior to the year 2000.

Brand #7: SSI (S.S.I.)

Circulation: Common

Era: 1980s to mid 1990s

Information: SSI (Shirt Shed Inc) began in the attic of a married couples convenience store in 1978. What started as humble heat transfers sold from motorcycle races and country fairs bloomed in to a t-shirt empire. While other blank brands battled over bands SSI carved out their own niche in the world of entertainment by associating themselves with movie, tv, sports and video games prints. It appears as though SSI was the successor to 3D Eblem brand with regards to licensed Harley Davidson prints. In 1991 the brand merged with Signal knitwear and by the mid 90s it vanished.

I believe there’s only two incarnations of the tag, which are both white based and feature the same logo. One was folded and fastened underneath itself (above, left) the other tag (above, far right) was taller, more narrow and a plastic like material which wasn’t folded.

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