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Somebody Beat The Biz


Somebody Beat The Biz

Defunkd’s exclusive collection of vintage t-shirts for sale at reasonably exorbitant prices.

Item #21: The Diabolical Biz Markie

Year: 1989

Circulation: Rarer than an on key Biz vocal.

In the early 1980s Marcel Theo Hall, aka Biz Markie, made a name for himself around Long Island as a beat-boxing rapper. A decade and three releases later he was among the first rap artists to be sued for unauthorized usage of a sample. But when the Biz got beat in court the landscape of the recording industry was forever changed. His experience prompted the entire industry to universally adopt strict sample clearance policies prior to release. The bad press was said to damage Biz’s reputation and hinder the sales of his two follow-up records, one of which was cheekily titled All Samples Cleared! Was there really a time that a rap artist being in trouble actually hurt their record sales?

Brand: Touch of Gold

Measurements: 20″ (pit-to-pit) 26.5″ (rear collar-bottom seam)

Condition: Great vintage condition.

Variables: Tiny hole lower rear.

Price: $225.00 (includes expedited shipping w/tracking and insurance in U.S. and Canada)

Sorry, this item has been sold.

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